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"Thanks to the generous team at Golden 1 Center and our nimble Commencement Office staff, I am excited to share that we were able to find a solution that will allow each student to receive nine tickets"

March 7, 2017 - I am pleased to announce that we have selected Golden 1 Center as our Commencement venue. We are excited that this partnership will allow our Hornet Family to experience and celebrate graduation in a setting that showcases the best of Sacramento and has a profound connection to the region.

Last Thursday, we posted preliminary information about the Commencement schedule and ticket availability online. We received many questions and heard from many frustrated students about the limit of six guest tickets for these ceremonies.

Our friends at Golden 1 Center worked with us throughout the weekend to determine how we could create a memorable weekend for our graduates and their guests, while accommodating more visitors. Thanks to the generous team at Golden 1 Center and our nimble Commencement Office staff, I am excited to share that we were able to find a solution that will allow each student to receive nine tickets.

I understand that for some students, this will still not be enough; therefore, the Sacramento State Alumni Facebook page will have a forum for graduates to exchange tickets with their classmates when the ticket reservation system opens on April 10. I encourage you to talk with your friends and classmates, and watch the Facebook page to get more tickets if you need them.

In order to make more tickets available, we have had to rearrange the ceremonies in a different order than what we initially published last week. The schedule has been updated on the Commencement website, and I encourage you to review it again, as your Commencement time and date may have changed.

While we are pleased to offer more tickets, our Commencement Office, as well as my office, has fielded questions about why winter graduates received 12 tickets, yet this spring’s graduates are receiving fewer. Winter Commencement had a total of 2,411 graduates; we are preparing for more than 5,000 in May. The numbers are significantly higher, and we must ensure that every student is able to have guests attend.

I know that many of you have friends and family who already have made arrangements to attend your graduation ceremony, and the news that you will still get fewer guest tickets than expected is upsetting. It was with great difficulty that the University came to this decision, and I believe that you deserve to know how we arrived there.

As many of you know, our last Commencement at Sleep Train Arena was held in December 2016. For the past year, University Advancement has worked tirelessly to find a new venue for our graduation ceremonies. The Commencement Committee looked at Cal Expo, the Memorial Auditorium, the Sacramento Convention Center, Sac State’s Union Ballrooms, Sac State’s outdoor theater, and Raley Field. All of those venues yielded fewer guest seats than Golden 1 Center. The committee also looked into the possibility of holding graduation outside at Hornet Stadium, but with all the rentals, labor, security, and maintenance requirements, the cost far exceeded the budget for Commencement and was higher than the cost of renting any other possible venue. In addition to the concern over potential weather issues at an outdoor event, the committee was concerned that guests in wheelchairs would be on the field behind the graduates and would experience very limited viewing.

With more than 5,000 candidates eligible for graduation in Spring 2017, the ADA-accessible Golden 1 Center is the best option to meet our needs. The Commencement Committee, with representation from across campus, agreed that the most financially feasible schedule would be to hold three ceremonies on Friday and three on Saturday.

We also will be changing the format of our ceremonies to make the program portion shorter. While some universities have made the hard decision, as graduation sizes increase, to stop reading the names of graduates and stop having them cross the stage, we believe that recognition is a vital part of the ceremony for our Hornet graduates. Therefore, ceremonies will be longer than they have been in the past, as there will be more Hornets graduating than ever before.

I know that you have a waited a long time for details about the Spring Commencement ceremonies, but I want to assure you that we have explored every available option in the area to give our Hornet Family the best graduation experience possible. I wish that every member of your family and all of your friends could attend the ceremonies. To allow more guests to participate in graduation, we will live-stream the ceremonies online and host a viewing party on campus in the University Union with complimentary parking for those who are unable to attend at Golden 1 Center.

After the May graduation ceremony, we will continue to modify and review the ceremonies to ensure that we are providing the best experience possible. I want to thank the leadership at the Golden 1 Center for working with us this weekend to expand our ticket availability. Additional tickets would not have been possible without their flexibility and generosity. I look forward to seeing many of you at Commencement, and I appreciate your patience as we adjust to a new location.

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