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Not the kind of person who can sit around an office all day? Wish you could spend all of your time behind the wheel of your car - and get paid for it? Then give in to the call of the open road and get a driver job.

Driver jobs involve driving just about anything, including a school or daycare bus, a catering truck, a taxi cab, a tour bus, or a construction equipment vehicle. If you've got a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License), then pick up a truck driving job and travel the country. If you'd rather stay around town, then get a delivery job. With a delivery job you could end up delivering everything from pizzas to packages. Delivery jobs are a great way to earn extra cash - plus most jobs let you drive your own car.

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There is no driver on the road today more recognizable than the one behind the wheel of a Schneider tractor-trailer. For the last 75 years, we've employed the best the industry has to offer, hands down - the safest, most respected and seasoned group of drivers out there. Search and apply for Schneider jobs now.

FedEx Office is the world's leading source of document solutions. We are a global network of more than 1,900 digitally connected centers with more than 20,000 team members in 11 countries and we are still growing. Search and apply for Fedex Office driver jobs now.

Most employees begin their career at UPS as Part-time Package Handlers in the Package Operations division. While others join UPS Package Operations as Seasonal Driver Helpers, Package Delivery Drivers, Tractor-trailer Drivers, and Fleet Mechanics.Search and apply for UPS driver jobs now.

Ryder drivers earn excellent money, get paid weekly and enjoy a great benefits package which includes medical, dental, prescription and vision insurance, 401(k), discount employee stock purchase program, credit union and much more. If you are ready to take the next step in your career, we invite you to apply today. Search and apply for Ryder driver jobs now.

1-800-GOT-JUNK? makes the ordinary business of junk removal exceptional. We create space and peace of mind when junk gets in the way. Whether it's an unwanted sofa, a pile of household junk in the garage, or a warehouse full of unused office furnishings, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? removes it for you. Search and apply for 1-800-GOT-JUNK driver jobs now.

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CDL Trucking Jobs

All kinds of companies rely on the commercial trucking industry to pick up and deliver goods to near and far away locations. Drivers typically begin their day at a warehouse where they receive their assignments and load up their trucks with anything from food products to furniture. Depending upon the destination, drivers could spend their entire day on the road, while local truck drivers only travel short distances. Some responsibilities include:

      • Complete checklist of all items upon loading
      • Arrange items in the truck by order of delivery
      • Keep receipts for gas, maintenance and any other services performed on the truck
      • Ensure that delivery forms, customer receipts and freight bills are completed and signed
      • Collect payment for services and goods delivered
      • Obey traffic laws at all times

All drivers need to maintain a timely schedule and make all deliveries as planned, but there aren't any restrictions on plugging in your iPod and jamming out while you drive, so rock on.

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Construction Driver Jobs

Construction drivers operate vehicles involved in the construction industry, such as forklifts, dump trucks, mixer trucks, asphalt rollers, crew buses and fuel trucks. While not driving, drivers may be expected to perform maintenance on their vehicles such as cleaning the interior and exterior, filling the gas tank or taking the vehicle to get scheduled repairs. Employers might require sales receipts for gas purchases and repairs, as well as mileage reports when driving to various sites. Heavy lifting is usually involved despite the fact that the trucks do most of the transporting. It is important to inform your supervisor of any problems with the vehicles or machinery to ensure the safety of everyone at the site.

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Delivery Driver Jobs

These workers drive anything from mail trucks and catering vehicles to their personal car with a company logo slapped on the top. They deliver products like food, equipment, mail, appliances, furniture, packages and envelopes. Other requirements may include:

      • Observing speed limits and obeying all road signs
      • Keeping driving records (i.e. mileage and gas receipts)
      • Performing simple vehicle maintenance (i.e. cleaning interior and exterior, taking vehicle for state inspections, filling tires with air, etc.)
      • Loading and unload delivery goods
      • Informing supervisor of any vehicle problems
      • Driving to and from delivery destinations
      • Interacting with customers to obtain payment, signatures and giving receipts
      • Heavy lifting of packages and other equipment

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Bus Driver jobs

Bus drivers are around kids all or most of the day, and provide the majority of their transportation. Responsibilities may include:

    • Pick up and drop off at home or residential bus stop
    • Pick up and drop off at school or daycare
    • Transport children to field trip destination
    • Ensure all bus passengers are safely seated and strapped in
    • Observe speed limits and obey road signs
    • Help children get on and off the bus safely
    • Explain safety procedures to children and any chaperones
    • Perform simple vehicle maintenance, such as filling gas tank, cleaning exterior and interior, taking vehicle for oil changes or state inspections, etc.)
    • Prepare trip reports consisting of mileage and gas receipts
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Track my track helps the car owners to keep track of their vehicles, drivers and assignments. Owners can view current position of their vehicles, status of their vehicles, keep track of the vehicle documents, Status of the drivers, status of the assignments, adding invoices, etc. The App allow the vehicles owners to fully manage their day to day operations.


Material design was primary design language for this app. We had a tight deadline so used as simple as possible behavior. Didn’t expeiment much but keeping UX as main focused area, we developed all screens required for this kind of app. Here are few of them

Owner will be able to see all active and past assignments from assignments screen. Each assignment card in the list will help owner to see glimpse of the assigments. There is easy access to vehicle tracking and driver calling feature. While assigning driver to a assignment owner can toglle between currently free drivers or engaged drivers for a future assignment.

Creating assignment and Owner dashboard
Creating a assignment consists of assignment details including easy upload of invoices. The owner from dashboard can easily know number of ongoing assignments, vehicle status, active drivers and go to detailed info if required with a single tap.

Driver and car profile
From profile of a driver or a vehicle the owner can see the details, edit info and can easily track the vehicle or the driver.

Assigment acceptance for driver
From driver login, drivers will be able to accept assignments. In this section we kept the elements larger to help drivers identify key actionable quickly and let them act on it. Driver can see detail of a assignment before accepting it and can also pass on to other drivers if he do not like to take the assignment.

Trip Details
For each assignment or trip driver will update the trip details, so that owner can easily track about the assignment.Driver can upload last position image while ending trip.

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