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My emotions toward this poem are depressed, forlorn, and melancholy. In “’Out, Out-,’”, a young boy is at work about to go to dinner when suddenly the saw cuts off his hand. A boy his age shouldn’t have to die doing a man’s job. Work back then had unimaginable conditions that made you want to cry. The line that struck out at me the most was “Don’t let him cut my hand off- The, When he comes. Don’t let him sister!” So. But the hand was already gone. This made my whole body convulse at the thought of his hand being cut off and eventually causing his death.

When breaking down the poem, I realized he used repetition of the words “snarled and rattled”. For me it created an ominous and almost foreshadowing affect. The working condition was not up to par, and Frost shows this by the line “And they, since they were not the one dead, turned to their affairs.” This shows how people acted towards children working and that anything can happen. It also produced a personification because a saw doesn’t answer to when being called to supper, nor can it leap. “His sister stood beside him in her apron

To tell them ‘Supper.’ At the word, the saw,
As if to prove saws know what supper meant,
Leaped out at the boy’s hand, or seemed to leap—
He must have given the hand.”

Frost uses emotionally filled words in this poem. That must mean that he was attached to it emotionally and personally. I did some background research and it is possible that he based it off of his neighbor’s son, Raymond Fitzgerald who cut off his hand with a saw and bled until he went into shock, causing heart failure. People either were not aware of the conditions back then, or they did and couldn’t do anything about it because they needed the money. In that time period, everyone in the family had to contribute to survive. I believe he was also making a statement towards the government for not making regulations on the age requirement of eligibility to work.

Out, Out by Robert Frost Essay

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Out, Out

"Out, Out," by Robert Frost is a gruesomely graphic and emotional poem about the tragic end of a young boy's life. It is a powerful expression about the fragility of life and the fact that death can come at any time. Death is always devastating, but it is even more so when the victim is just a young boy. The fact that the boy's death came right before he could " Call it a day" (750) leads one to think the tragedy might have been avoided and there by forces the reader to think, "What if." This poem brings the question of mortality to the reader's attention and shows that death has no age limit.

It was powerful poems such as "Out, Out" that gave Robert Frost the reputation as one of America's leading 20th century poets. The…show more content…

This was the start of Frost's reputation as one of the great American writers of the 20th century.

"Out, Out" is a great example of a typical Robert Frost poem. This narrative poem tells a story of human tragedy through the death of a young boy. The poem shows how fragile life can be and how it can be taken from people in an instant. The boy's tragic death is illuminated for the reader by a commentator watching the incident from the outside looking in. There is a lot of detail given to the reader early on describing the saw and the way it "snarled and rattled." These details and the emphases on the boy's age and his wanting to leave work early made the situation destined for tragedy. It was as if Frost was preparing us for the tragedy to come, "And nothing happened: day was all but done"(9). This suggests that something is definitely going to happen. Another clue that something awful is about to happen is the way the saw is personified it: " leaped out of the boy's hand" (16). As it is described, the saw jumped out of the boy's hand when he is called for supper, "As if to prove that saw knew what supper meant" (15). Through the use of onomatopoeia, the saw is also made to sound vicious like an attack dog when it is heard to snarl and rattle. The personification and description of the noises of the saw makes defiantly it seem like a major character in the poem.

The theme of this poem is the boy's

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