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The Woman in Black Review

Upon the arrival in London my anticipation was high. My first impression of the Fortune Theatre was; it was a very old Victorian building, very small and slightly ragged. Upon entering it felt very cramped and made you feel claustrophobic. The atmosphere was eerie due to the old style of the building. This was particularly effective as the play was set in the Victorian period. This made you feel as if you were in the past. Also the narrow staircase and small seating area created effect. Before the play starts there is no background music played to set a scene or image in the audiences mind. The play starts without warning and lights go down and we are straight into the story.

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Images were also shone on to a translucent curtain showing at the position of the actors. This included a crucifix. This was effective as it was a very overpowering image, which embraces the audience as it is the first scary moment of the play. The other image was of the house in which the Woman in Black haunts. It gives you a mental representation of what the building would look like. Upon seeing this building, it was obvious a catastrophe was immanent.

The lighting also represented where they were. For instance the actors were on a train and the windows of another train passed. This made you jump and started a continuous pattern of many frights to come.
Sometimes the lack of lighting built up the atmosphere. At one time the stage was dark until the actor lit a match which illuminated his face. The effect of this was astonishing, such a simple thing as a match built up the scene immediately. The match was very effective because it was less bright than a spotlight and would not show off the surroundings. A torch was also used in the same way as the match but was just as effective as it showed a specific area. After seeing this used I realised how effective low light can be to create suspense and confusion. Sometimes the light came as a relief for the audience. In the first half of the play whenever there was a scary part normal lighting would come in to effect and give the audience relief from the intenseness.
This almost gave the audience

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Evaluation Of The Woman In Black

Evaluation of The Woman In Black

On the 26/6/05 we went to see a performance called the women in black
with all the pupils who chose drama as their gcse. We made our way to
the coach and got ready to leave. The coach drove into London and
everyone was very enthusiastic about seeing this play as it was
supposed to be scary and most people there hadn’t been to the theatre.

First we went to the theatre where we were given a preview of how
they used lighting and sound on the stage. I was incredibly interested
at how the lighting was such a big part in a performance! It affected
the whole mood of the audience meaning that the sound and lighting
director can control our mood before the actors even get on the stage.
This I think is vital for the actors, for example if the lights were
very bright and you were trying to pull of a scary scene it just
wouldn’t work or it would be very hard to pull off. But if the lights
were dim or even on black out then the mood would change, darkness is
a good tool to use, but used too often can ruin a play. Darkness
played a major part in the play; it was used two or three times, but
only one being used to scare the audience. This created tension as
sometimes, nothing scary would happen when the lights got dim. Sounds
were also used with the lighting to create or make you use your
imagination on the stage. Different sounds were played, but I found
that the best “trick” they used was the journey the main character
does on the train. There is a soft sound of people talking in
different cabins and the sound of the train on tracks as he sits down
in his compartment, and suddenly incredibly loud another train goes
past on the different track. The windows of the other train can be
seen go past, to do this they had to cut them out and fix them in
front of a light, to add the movement they made these spin on a wheel,
this is called a gobo. All this we saw at the workshop and the staff
tried their hardest to show us things without giving the story line or
anything else away. Overall I think the technicians did an incredible
job with the lighting so far, but I hadn’t seen their full potential
yet, there was a lot more surprises to come.

The storyline is about a man who comes to a theatre and wants to tell
a story, what he doesn’t realise is that him reading the story from a
book is the most boring thing for an audience. So an actor tries to

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