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The factors affecting organisational culture. To what extent canmanagers influence the culture of their organisation?

Decades of change in economies of scale (e.g. globalisation), organising work (e.g. e-solutions), knowledge sharing (e.g. internet), process and production technology (e.g.


-technology), social norms (e.g. gender issues) etc. have initiated a cataclysmicshift in organisational and cultural paradigms. Goffee and Jones (1996: 146) researchsuggests, that ‘over the last decade, a number of large, well-established companieswith strong cultural traditions have been forced, mostly through competitive threat, tochange their culture’. Unwillingness or incapability to do so might lead tosustainability problems (Scott).Pop-management writings share a lot of optimism in how managers can reshape, re-engineer, reorganise, restructure and change their organisations and organisationalculture. Academically planned organisational cultural change is recognised as a rather difficult project (Schein, Brown, Bate, Alvesson, etc.). Kotter (2007) states, that a fewof these endeavours have been very successful, a few have been utter failures, butmost of them fall somewhere in between, with a distinct tilt toward the lower end of the scale. Why? To answer this question the factors affecting organisational cultureshould be distinguished and assessed. To analyse to what extent managers caninfluence the culture of their organisation, one should analyse firstly how muchmanagers could influence or use the factors affecting organisational culture.This essay has four general purposes. Firstly to systemise, describe and assess thefactors affecting organisational culture. Although theorists have identified a largenumber of intrinsic cultural elements originating from organisational culture, I wouldargue that the list of factors affecting and influencing culture is in some extentdifferent from the list of elements originating from organisational culture.

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