Ace Homework Capstone Project Apple Samsung Assignment

Apple increases its product demand through differentiation, by making its products unique and attractive to consumers. Despite high competition, Apple products have always been designed to be ahead of the curve and have succeeded in creating demand for its products, givingthe company power over prices through product differentiation, innovative advertising, ensured brand loyalty, and hype around the launch of new products. (Nielson, 2014)Apple maintains the popularity of its high-priced products by only offering retailers a marginal wholesale discount. This small percentage in savings isn’t enough of a profit margin forretailers to offer big discounts on Apple’s products, which means customers end up paying a price close to the manufacturer suggested retail price(or MSRP). However, a retailer could give up this small profit margin and offer products at a discount to attract more customers. Apple prevents this scenario by offering monetary incentives to retailers to sell goods at the MAPs (minimum advertised prices) fixed by the company. (Nielson, 2014)Vertical integrationhas given Apple a competitive advantage. Being its own chip manufacturers, controls manufacturing, follows extremely strict software standards, and operatesin a nearly closed ecosystem of proprietary retail stores. With these advantages, the company hasmore control of its value chain and, more importantly, its component costs. (Nielson, 2014)One of the best things that have helped Apple’s business success is that they are known tohave the most popular, addictive, and tightly integrated ecosystem of all technology companies. The devices and software Apple makes are designed to work well with each other and sync easilyso that preferences and media can be copied or shared with multiple devices without much effort.Applications work on multiple devices at the same time and user interfaces are very similar across devices. (Nielson, 2014)

Briefly describe two important changes in the remote environment of U.S. business in each of the following areasEconomic Social Political Technological Ecologicala. EconomicEconomic factors concern the nature and direction of the economy in which a firmoperates. Because consumption patterns are affected by the relative affluence of various market segments, each firm must consider economic trends in the segments that affect its industry. On both the national and international level, managers must consider the general availability of credit, inflation rates, and trends in the growth of the gross national product are other economic factors theyshould monitor (Pearce & Robinson 2009).b. SocialOne of the most profound social changes in recent years has been the entry of large members of women into the labor market. This has not only affected the hiring and compensation policies and the resource capabilities of their employees; it has also created or greatly expanded the demand for a wide range of products and services necessitated by the absence from the home. The

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