Google Inc Case Study Summary Of Apple



Strategic Posture


Google’s mission was to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible

and useful. Management believed that the most effective, and ultimately the most profitable, way to accomplish their mission was to put the needs of the users first. They found that offering a highquality user experience led to increased traffic and strong word-of-mouth  promotion. Dedication to putting users first was reflected in three key commitments:

Google will do its best to provide the most relevant and useful search results possible, independent of financial incentives. Its search results would be objective, and the company did not accept payment for search result ranking or inclusion.

Google will do its best to provide the most relevant and useful advertising. Advertisements should not be an annoying interruption. If any element on a search result page is influenced by payment to the management, it will make it clear to our users.

Google will never stop working to improve the user experience, its search technology, and other important areas of information organization. Management believed that their user focus was the foundation of their success to date. They also believed that this focus was critical for the creation of long-term value. Management stated they did not intend to compromise their user focus for short-term economic gain.

Business Level Strategey

Google’s strategy is built on a strong foundation of broad differentiation of complementary

 products. Complimentary products serve to increase the use of the each of the other products and increase brand awareness. Several of these unique provisions include its Docs & Spreadsheets productivity suite, Picasa the image organizing and editing program, Earth and Maps. These products are the key to augmenting the

company’s advertising business and

expanding the breadth of the brand. Google reinforces its brand image by keeping its name in

nearly all its products. From Google’s perspective, the more uses a person has for Google

services, the more opportunity there will be to show them ads.


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