Developmental Psychology Case Study Assignment

CASE STUDY LUPECase Study: LupeAnalyze lifespan development theories Lifespan developmental theories is theories that are based on the developmental stages throughout one’s life, that is to be used to understand the changes from conception to death[Par151]. These theories divide child development into distinct stages which are characterizedby qualitative differences in behavior. There are several different theories that describe and analyze the developmental process throughout the lifespan, these include reflection and action. Reflection and action theory is based on several different views from several different theorists. As Freud’s psychological stages, Erikson’s personality stages, and Piaget’s cognitivestages all describe the behavior characteristics at different ages. They identify how people are likely to respond to life’s experiences at different ages, explain how and why typical characteristics respond the way they do and contribute to developmental differences from one person to another.Other theories such as the contemporary multidimensional or systems theory embrace the complexity of development. These theories also describe the complexity of interrelated

Developmental Psychology Case Study

Hi,I need assistance developing some thoughts for this assignment.
Task: In this assignment, you are a counselor working with Marie. As Marie's counselor, apply psychosocial developmental theory to the situation presented in Marie's case. (Read attached Case Study document) Based on your own area of specialization and the developmental tasks of a member of this family or the family in general, answer the following questions:

- What individual, family, or student would you be focusing on for your paper and how does that relate to your area of specialization?
- What psychosocial crisis is present for the individual, family, or student?
- What are the challenges and areas of strength that you see as significantly related to the wellness and resiliency, both within communities and cultural groups?
- How does culture influence the individual, family, or student related to the stage of development you have assessed?


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Be sure to support your ideas with specific lifespan theories that are found in this course.

Note: I used Erik Erikson's Lifespan Development Theory to help you, but since I don't know what else you have studied, it was difficult for me to use more than one. Also, the assignment's focus on resiliency and wellness suggests that you have also studied these theories/concepts in detail. I have tried to give you examples from the Case of Marie to help, but you should be sure to be more specific in how they relate to the topics of resilience and wellness that you have studied.

- What individual, family, or student would you be focusing on for your paper and how does that relate to your area of specialization? Marie (I do not know your area of specialization)

- What psychosocial crisis is present for the individual, family, or student?
Marie is experiencing Erikson's Psychosocial Stage of Ego Integrity vs. Despair.
- Here you should take a few sentences and briefly explain the theory and this specific stage (for help go to McLeod, S. A. (2008). Erik Erikson - Psychosocial Stages. Retrieved from

It can be related to Marie (aged 68) because within the past few years Marie has experienced retirement and the selling of her business (her life's work and a large source of pride and accomplishment). Additionally she has recently experienced very significant losses in the deaths of her best friend, her husband, the selling of her family home, the sale of her business (from which Marie derived a huge sense of accomplishment), and leaving her community.
Marie has also had some physical problems related to her age with her knee replacement and part of the reason for her retirement was that the physical demands of the business were getting to be too much ...

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Lifespan Development Theory, Erik Erikson's Ego Integrity vs. Despair case study and conclusions.

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