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How To Create An Attention-Grabbing Title For An Essay About Utopia

A captivating title will grab the reader’s attention. Many writers have difficulties coming up with an attention –grabbing title for their work. The content may be fine and up to standard but the title of the work may not give it the attention it deserves. Here are some tips:

Focus on what the readers expect

What factors will motivate your readers? This is especially true for those in sales. By addressing the needs of the target group in your writing, it will arouse their curiosity. Give your readers something that will keep them on the edge of their seats.

Being specific

As you write the essay, ask yourself what is the key content of the essay? A good title or headline should reflect the main idea being discussed. As a matter of fact, most people will read the headline and skim through the text very quickly. For the sake of such readers, always ensure that the title makes sense and specific. By reading the title, a reader will determine whether it is applicable to them or not.

Balancing relevance and personality

Most writers make the mistake of being too catchy or straightforward. The problem with straightforward titles is that they come across as boring. A lot of creativity in title runs the risks of ruining the main content in the essay and thereby losing the reader. Learning how to balance the two while formulating the essay title will entice the reader.

Staying true to your voice

The title of the essay should be aligned with the voice of the author or brand. For instance, if the essay is targets a mature audience, the language used should be formal and professional.

Focus on the benefits and not the features

Benefits tend to receive a better review than features. For instance, if one is dealing with a phone review, focus on the benefits the phone to the user other than focusing on features. As a matter, most features are usually duplicated. People are more interested in performance. Focus on the unique benefits.

Avoiding clichés

Clichés are boring. As much as clichés are easy to remember, think outside the box. Find a new way to creatively draft the title.

Building an attention grabbing arsenal

Readers are seeking to be entertained. They are looking for meaningful and fascinating content. Some title formulas such as “how to” always work. Using metaphors and comparisons in the title is a helpful suggestion too.

This company has guidelines that writers can follow in their quest to create attention –grabbing titles for essays about utopia.

Artistic Utopias Utopia Is From

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Jonestown, in Guyana, is a contemporary example of what would be classified as a utopian community.)

In a wave of successfully created "utopian" architecture, modern architects from Virilio to Le Corbusier, Louis I Kahn and Aldo Van Eyck, invented welcoming environments that transcended the "limitations of both the postmodern and hyper-modern stance and orthodox modernist architecture" (Coleman, p. 332).

Coleman, in his book Utopias and Architecture, claims that architects, particularly Le Corbusier, Kahn and Van Eyck challenged the assumptions of their current architectural discourse, building modern buildings that had welcoming environments and transcended popular limitations imposed on them. He states that the usefulness of utopias for thinking through problems in architecture provides the architect with a place from which to invent whole utopias. Yet the distance that a true utopia locates itself in encourages them to expand horizons for projects as nothing else could (p. 10).

Karl Mannheim said that…… [Read More]


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