We Did Your Homework El Tuito

September 2004
Sonoma County,CA. It was a smooth Summer. Our Summer Camp was smaller than usual but had some great times hanging with kids. The ten weeks of camp seemed to fly by as I dreamed of my family and of Yelapa. As far as living spaces, I had a great house sitting gig at my friends house in Sebastopol. It was a bit tough for me to get used to. One reason was of its location in the city with neighbors inches on each side of you, the other was because it is a one of a kind house, on a one of a kind street. Here's a web article on them ...After a week or so I got adjusted and thoroughly enjoyed my stay. My next stop was The David's of Graton. I made a grand entrance. Just as I shut the door on my house sitting job, all the sudden I became hugely dizzy. I got into my car and thought the air would bring me back around. I was wrong. I was spinning and spinning. I concentrated with all my might to drive the car. I figured if I pulled over I would be stranded, so I decided to drive right to the doctor. I crawled into his office. By this time I figured it to be a heart attack or some kind of brain thing. After checking me out , both were ruled out. I talked the doctor into releasing me on my own and headed down to my office , which was next door. Miraculously I made it through an important Occidental Community Council Meeting and then between vomiting, I drove to my friends , the David's. I ran to my guest room and collapsed, spinning and spinning. Well... two days later I was still spinning. I tracked my doctor down at home and explained my problem. "YOU HAVE LABRYNTHITUS" ? what the hell is that? Some how the inner ear has little crystals that get turned about and cause vertigo and spinning and loss of balance, that can last up to three months! Oh no.. I don't want this! but somehow in my little movie of life, I had it. After a week in bed, I got a bit better and the spinning stopped. The next week, I had to get back to work! Slowly I drove my car and worked a few hours every day. The next week , I was just fuzzy and didn't have my balance. Somehow with the care and love of friends and my good luck and a bit of hard work , I was able to finish the never ending list , that I had to complete before leaving the USA for nine months. As I sat there in the final night, trying to fit all the things I had decided to bring to Yelapa into my bags, that were to weigh no more than 50lbs.each. Well... how much is 50lbs.? I had at least 150lbs of used clothes and two carry on's , that I figure I could put at any weight and sneak them on the plane...anyways Evan reminded me of all the things we as humans do because of stuff. Stuff.... After taking apart my perfectly packed carry on's for the airport inspectors, I smoothly landed in Vallarta..Of course they too wanted to see my total contents. After a good round of white lies, I headed for my water taxi and up my hill to Veronica and the kids and Casa Iguana. I sat in wonder looking at how fast plants can grow in three months and the same for the kids.

Crossing the Rio

The Yelapa pace of life was easy to get into with one exception... this wasn't a vacation, this is family life. My first morning home ,6am, I was reminded of this. Danny who is in the Secondaria has to leave just before dark to walk up river to school. Everyone was awake! Luz Clarita has to leave at 7:45am but to make things even trickier, she has to be escorted to school by one of us to cross her across the river. You see the Primary school is located on the left side of the Rio Tuito. So along with all other Moms , Dads, Uncles, Cousins, you make the 25 minute walk upriver twice every day, to and from school. Some days there is a boat to cross the kids for a peso per direction, other days you hand or horse carry your child safely to the other side. But you never know if the boat will be there or you'll never know if it rained high in the mountains and if the rio is low or high. It's not over! We still have to walk Jael and Vivian to Kinder by 9am or they lock the gate. I got lucky and got the to Kinder by 9am shift and the afternoon pickup, up river. In late November, the Rio will be down and we won't have to do the escorting. At this point I'm not counting the days, I'm enjoying the exercise.

The Queen of Yelapa ( Riena de Yelapa)
Karla Selene Lorenzo Castillon ( Daughter of Ambrosio & Rosa )
After many years forgotten, a Yelapa tradition is reborn, The Queen of Yelapa. It was Dia de Independencia and the entire community was in attendance at the concha (local basket ball court). There were many games of basketball and soccer, ranging from fun to full throttle. The men's soccer match was intense. I'm always amazed by the instant speed and then a quick little dance and an immediate stop that the players pull off with ease. You surely had to watch the game also or you could easily get hit by a fast flying ball. But that's all in the fun. The importance of todays event seemed clear to everyone. It was a day for everyone to relax, be together and have fun. The highlight was still to come. Tables were set up . Judges prepared. Cheering sections were formed for each of the three candidates. The three 16 yr old candidates strolled in, all wearing lovely dresses. The first name was called. She did a models strut to all ends of the basketball court. Being from the states and with my politically correct training, it was a bit strange. Next came a question, something close to "how would you create world peace?" The cheering sections screamed for their favorites, trying to be louder than the others. The Judges, the comissario and his wife, an ex queen and ice cream shop owner, a pie lady and a comendante of the new police force of four."And the winner is....you know....Karla. I asked a few Yelapanse about her responsibilities. I t seems she doesn't have any, but serves as role model to youth. I can attest that she is a fine young woman with a great future ahead. I enjoyed the ceremonial marching and the showing of repect to Mexico. Then all hell broke loose as Gringo , the famous cargador, appeared with a Bulls costume, full of fireworks. He was lit and proceeded to chase through the crowd. Yelapense sure do have their Independence. Viva Karla, Viva Yelapa, Viva Mexico.

Old World Visitor
Just as we were leaving for the Dia de Independencia, we ran into two 17 yr old boys from Chacala. A quick word was exchanged and they asked permission to stay with us for the night , as they had missed the last boat , leaving Yelapa. I had seen one of the boys a number of times in Chacala and it turns out he is family, like I'm suprised...Veronica offered them a shower, as they had just walked for over two hours down a mountainous trail through the jungle to Yelapa.The hike actually peaks at 3000 ft. elevation. Around midnight, we return from our day and with our guests have cena (late light meal). All the sudden, we hear a voice from the bottom of our stairs to our terrain. Up comes walking a man I've never seen, obviously a cowboy. I offer him in and some water and try to figure out what's going on? He speaks to the boys for a minute. I sit watching intensely, still completely confused. The boys get up and gather there things. I sat in amazement as I figured that the visitor had just rode via horseback with any light to Yelapa .Then in even more, when they all left the casa to make the hike back to Chacala. It turned out that they were needed on the ranch and the man had set out to find the and return with the boys. I still have no idea how he even found out the boys were staying with us or where our casa was? I found it amazing that the boys didn't even flinch about making a massive two hours plus hike , in the dark of night. Later as I lay in the safety of my bed, I sat in wonder about our visitors from the old world, just two hours away...

Win or Lose, which is less quiet ?
Tonight the barrio is full of noise. I knew we were in for it when I saw the beer arriving for a 24 yr, old Birthday Bash. Then I saw the beer arriving at the cantina, across the path. Oh no! a soccer game too! and the Chivas (local favorites) playing ! Instantly I wondered... which would be better for a night a sleep? If the Chivas won... all would be happy and celebrate by getting drunk... and if they lost... all would be depressed and go and get drunk. I think the answer is either or...The topper was when I realized it was Saturday and tonight was also a Baille ( Dance). I wish you all could have been here to hear it. Screams and hoots of joy and laughter, cry's of missed goals and great plays and the booming bass and drums and semi, out of tune local band playing a favorite song , twice in a row, all mixed together and served with a twist of lime. My solution was to turn on my CD's just enough to drown out the rest. If you visit Yelapa on a Saturday, Sunday or Wednesday night...you'll see for yourself...well actually you'll hear for yourself. Once again, Viva Mexico!

Optical Illusion
This first photo I admit to doctoring up . We were visiting our relatives at Casa Milagros and a fantastic rainbow appeared ! One end was right in front of us and the other end was directly in front of Casa Del Sol, my in laws casa. I did pick a great family to marry into.
Here are the two photos put together.

The second picture is real. Check out the river and beach. Notice anything new? How about a new beach? It actually happens most year's, at this time. Take a look .. .Not often do you see this much beach on the right side of the river, by late November it's gone.

Yelapa Clean Up
Yesterday morning, Something was up. From my deck and looking at the pier , it looked funny. I grabbed my camera and ran down there. It was filled was junk and trash. People were running all over, pulling out old stoves, broken washers, huge solar batteries and more.It was quite amusing. It was an annual ,Yelapa clean up. But this year, all residents got involved, partly out of love for their town and also because If they didn't' clean up their property, they would be fined. At least twenty pongas of trash and junk left Yelapa , to be disposed in Boca and from there who knows where. During the day, everyone seemed to be full of community spirit, like the Yelapense ever lack it ! We cleaned the path, near our casa. Near the trail is a spot where people have dumped garbage for years. Here was Rafa and EV and Ivan bagging up wheelbarrow's full for disposal. For years, next door was this giant 100+lbs. solar battery. It sat on the path, today was its final day! as Arnaldo came by asking if he could help and put it on his back and carried it to the pier. Applause to the President of Tuito, Macedonio Leon Rodriguez Avalos who is pictured in the red and blue shirt, doing hands on work .So tourists... get on down here! Yelapa is clean and ready for you!

Ingrid Michelle Mancinelli Gardion
Daughter of Mateo and Vanessa de Pizota
You may remember Mateo from my past stories, king of the Yelapa entrances. Here is a pic of their daughter. We were lucky to have them visit and spend the night, in the big city of Yelapa. They all looked very happy and healthy. I ordered another 5 kilos of Matt's Lemons and Bananas for delivery , next week. If you ever visit PIzota, make sure to visit them. They would be the ultimate tour guides.

Don Arturo Cruz ( 9/28/04)
Don Arturo Cruz passed away this morning in Yelapa. He is the father of Midardo, Beto and Nati and four other kids. He is the brother of Don Juan Cruz. He lived here in Yelapa for roughly, ninety years. His profession was working the earth, as a farmer.

Pto. Vallarta
I braved a trip to Vallarta today and brought Luz Clarita with me for fun. Going to Vallarta isn't a hard task but it somehow , takes the energy out of you. We arrived early in the morning via our water taxi. It's interesting to see the city and it's employees start up their days. As usual I had this long list of items to be found in in two and a half hours.Today was real smooth, found all we were looking for. When looking for guitar strings, I couldn't remember where the music shop was and decided to ask for help and by luck asked the person who ran the exact shop... just about two hours later , we had the luxury of eating some great quesadillas con carne with agua de pina. Just in time to catch the 11:30 back to our fishy, little, sleeping village, with bounty in hand. At home, Danny is full of homework and Veronica is off playing volleyball with the kids. Tomorrow we build another ramada as a rain/shade shelter on one entrance of the casa.

3 vs 50...
Not the best of odds. That is what the local police were up against at Saturday night's Baille. As you may have read my story above, It was a more than ordinary night filled with lots of beer and energy. Things got way out of hand when two residents , one from the pueblo and one from up river (El Paso) got into a fight and from there all hell broke loose. The three local police had no choice but to sit back as the 50 people battled. The Baille was shut down and calm was restored. The bigger picture here is how the police are viewed. who isn't leary about police but the four police here are good guys. Trinidad, Gustavo, Teo and Alfredo, all cared about Yelapa and it's long term future. I had the chance to hang out with them a bit . They all came from way tougher positions and enjoyed the calm feeling in Yelapa. Working in a community where the police presence is new is tough. The locals don't embrace you and your the evil stepchild of the boss. Trying to accomplish their jobs with little pay, lack of supplies and very little support ,were daily hurdles. A reporter showed up the day after and wrote a scandalous story depicting the police as lazy and good for nothing. It was a out and out lie. SO.. now with tensions in both parts of the community on high, the entire force has been reassigned to other locations and new way tougher police have been assigned to Yelapa. For the future of Yelapa, lets hope the next chapter is a good one.

A list of those who fought the other night has been past through the community and each person has been required to pay a fine of 200 pesos and if they are named again, 600 pesos. You see this Saturday is a huge rival Soccer match between Chivas and Americas and once again the possibility of high energy and tension will be here. Lets hope things are calmer this weekend.

"con el taco en la mano todos somos hermanos"
( with a taco in my hand, we are all brothers )
A round of tacos and a cold agua or coke...as good as it gets. Thats my opinion. I found these expert tips to eating tacos.

Preparing or receiving a taco: take it with your thumb and little finger up and the ring and index finger down so that it does not fall apart or lose its contents.

• Make a 45 degree gyratory movement with your body to prevent getting stains on your cloth, if you wear a tie, it is recommended to guard it in the opening of your shirt.

• Know how to balance your body perfectly so that you can hold up either the plate or the drink with your left arm.

• Have profound knowledge of the names and nuances of each taco form and style so that you may not cause any contradiction with the taco cook

• Be on the alert to order the subsequent tacos on time in order not to “lose the rhythm”

• Keep good track of the number of tacos consumed in order to notify the taco cook the end.

thats it for Taco 101... Buen Provecho

No Rain 10/7/04
Its been about two weeks since we had rain! I'm sad. We need so much more for Yelapa and especially for all the new plants we have transplanted this last week. So I start a new job of watering by hand. It's a pretty easy job, very meditative. So when we have water in the line , direct from the waterfall, you can find me here at Iguana, playing with water.

I'm not giving up hope for rain yet. I have been asking my good sources and I should be dancing in the rain soon... The best tip I got yesterday was that when its this hot, there still is rain coming, if it starts to cool, here that means the temp drops to 80 degrees, during the day, then the season has changed. I still think we may have caused this period of no rain by building our ramada...

Based on an Idea from the big city of Vallarta and the Office of Tourism, via Tuito, our Municipal, comes new standards to vendors and restaurant workers in Yelapa. All will be wearing white. Another new requirement is registered nametags. This will insure all doing business are registered to do so. It's a bit sad ... sort of like Big Brother coming to a little tiny town and you know the end of this story? But they say change is good... Restaurant workers are now required to wear hair nets and health standards will be monitored in the restaurants. Helping to enforce these new rules are fines, that increase with each time you are cited. Sure some will get around the rules and some violations might be overlooked but I guarantee, you will have to pay.

More Visitors
I am lucky, everyday Veronica comes to me and tells me what she is making for our main meal and asks for suggestions. Today she announced we were having a fish fest. Danny has been catching these small fish every day , so she decided to call our Tia, Antonia
and feast on fish cooked over an open fire. Simple but tasty...that is after you get the hang of it. I'm accustomed to eating fat, bone free fillets, in the states. But here , at least at the casa's, you have to pick through the entire fish and when a fish is small, its work. Watching my family effientally eat a fish makes me feel like a kid again... The phone rings... Its my friend Javier, the comissario (sheriff) who tells my wife that he is on his way to our casa and with him are Judicial Police from Mexico. hmmmm...did I pay all my parking tickets? Maybe someone saw me hit my neighbors chicken with a rock, as it ate my plants? I question Veronica more and she tells me they are coming to use my computer. Oh.. as I wipe the extra layer of sweat from my head... As they arrive, I was expecting serious, dressed in all black police with a massive array of firepower. Instead with Javier are three 30 yr old clean cut guys , casually dressed. After catching their wind from our hill, they explained they needed to take a statement of a local man in regards to a very serious issue and needed to use my computer and printer. Of course... I set the senior officer up on microsoft word and sat back to watch and learn. I soon realized that all were carrying pistols, very much hidden. It turns out that the Judicial Police are the highest form of police in Mexico. Basically the Mexican Intelligence agency. These guys are definitely undercover, showing very little police vibe. Over an hour, a long report was taken and all the sudden my assistance was needed. :how do you make a ñ "? I totally forgot... I quickly called my friend and master secretary, Ann...Help!.... she saved me and my pride, as the local computer expert, especially with special guests here. I helped correct margins and format text. It was amazing the level of perfection needed for the document. Overall an interesting fish fest, police kind of day. I ended the day by doing my required work/community support for the primary school. I raked a huge amount of piles of brush together to be burned. As I slowly drug my tired body across the high river and walked back home to my casa... I thought about how exciting it is to have a new life, especially at my age.

Directions to Yelapa
well I finally found a map that makes it real clear where we are.. in the world that is...

It's not all Cops and Robbers
It may seem that way from my writings but the whole police thing here in Yelapa is new. A follow up to another story. The bigger , badder police have been busy this week. Lots of wayward teens/young adults have been escorted to places unknown. A birthday party on the beach, last night turned a bit dicey as one partygoer went crazy and then proceeded to try to make his escape by swimming away. Police went off to the playita and waited for him to come ashore. I have a feeling this is sort of a spring cleaning and Yelapa will be ready for a great tourist season.

The other day while on the path, I solved a longtime mystery to me. At different times of the day, I would hear a certain sound. It sounded like a big tree creaking, but at a faster pace. A number of times I asked a local what the sound was."Sabe" I don't know. I was walking and heard the sound and looked up and there was a woodpecker pecking the metal support base high on a telephone pole, as the noise echoed through the pueblo. Another Yelapa mystery solved...many, many others remained unsolved.

Passion for Life and Dominoes

Our grandfather here in Yelapa is very close to 90 years old. He is truly amazing...and I only know a fraction of the stories of his life. I know he has been on his death bed more than once and made full recoveries. When I think of all the kids he has raised... it's mind boggling. I heard his tales of a rancho vida, his reputation of working always at night on full moons and sleeping during the days and the time he set out for his two hour horse ride. It was a camino he did regularly so the horse knew its path , so once they started he would just go to sleep and wake up when they arrived. This time they met some teens, one hour in and they turned him around , so when he woke up he was back ,where he started.

Now at close to ninety, no one really knows actually how old he is, he spends his life staying in Vallarta with a daughter and in Yelapa with another. Many days he can be found tying hammocks. He makes these great hammocks out of a durable line so they will last forever. I have 5 for my property and more for my casa in the states. His price is about 200p or twenty dollars. There is one catch here.

Dominoes.. yup... that's his passion...you see he takes the money he earns and goes to the beach and plays Dominoes. Seems harmless? The problem is he really likes to play . Just getting there is an amazing feat. This time of the year he crosses the Rio and slowly but surely makes his way to the end of the beach and there he stays all day. Most times he forgets to eat and then sometimes as late as nine o'clock he heads back to home and then the river is waist deep! Not to mention what a bad day of Dominoes does to his blood pressure and overall health. So.. you can Imagine, if I want to buy a hammock from him I have to pay him slowly over a month or he will go and gamble it away , also at risk of his health. Its no fun to get old but even with this story told... Please God give me a live as full as his.. Here is a picture of him, always smiling..

Rain 10/8/04
I wont even try to guess what caused the rain but tonight it rained for a good hour and my new plants are so happy. Lets hope there's more to come.

A thud in the night...
Last night around dark, I heard a loud thud. I wondered to myself... I 've heard boats clanking together when one gets loose and bangs against another but this was full force. Then tonight I heard two boats collided last night right at the shit rock where you make the turn to enter to Yelapa. They both were in Vallarta today to see a judge and find out who's at fault. I' ve always wondered how these boats travel at night without lights...I think I figured out now that it is based on odds or luck...Both parties survived and there boats can be repaired. more on this soon...

Air Yelapa
Just in case you missed it on my front page, I have put together a pics page with photos given to me by a group of friends that stay here at Iguana each year. Mike and Linda bring new flyers here to learn. I'm trying to get Mike to write a story about his last years first ever paragliding flight to Quimixto. I have the first aerial photos taken of the town but need his story to do the pictures justice. I hope you enjoy the Air Yelapa photos as much as I did.

Community Service
I thought I had retired from 15 years of full time community service. I guess that I knew it came from within but now I know its a lifestyle. This time its going to be fun because my partner is my wife, Vero. She has been talking to me about her ideas of helping the community and we have finally formed a plan. You'll see a bunch of info about it here and hopefully other places. Yelapa is an amazing community and also has a ton of needs. Slowly but surely, we can help and hopefully you can too!

Paradise is seldom quiet
Just about the only time it's quiet these days is when the power goes out and even that is seldom. Yesterday we were treated to a 3 hour energy break and along with it came the silence of Yelapa days past. No Stereos! I'm a big fan of music but there is time for it and time without it. During the silence you could hear the palms rustle and animals talking, the laughter of kids playing and occasional hoot or scream. Thank God most people sold their generators from the old Yelapa days. I went to watch the locals in play at the concha . As the power returned , Yelapa was full of music blaring from all directions. Reports from Pizota is that there is even more booming stereos there! At least we don't have sirens here...

Value of Money

An interview with listeners Reggie and Donna Belew From Tennessee who tell us about their vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Also Puerto Vallarta Businesses Step Up to Support Mexico Earthquake Relief. Also more about Tile Park Puerto Vallarta.

Hello fellow travelers, welcome this episode of the Puerto Vallarta Travel show. I am your host Barry Kessler and I am just so happy to be introducing you to my favorite vacation destination, and maybe even yours, Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

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That music you were just listing to is performed by Alberto Perez, the owner of the La Palapa Group of Restaurants. Those are La Palapa, The El

Dorado Restaurant, and at night for dinner The El Dorado transforms into the ever so romantic Vista Grillwith those dramatic views of the Los Muertos Pier all lit up at night in beautiful colors. Of course, at La Palapa you can enjoy that same view of the Los Muertos Pier all day long for breakfast, lunch or dinner, seated with your toes in the sand right at the water’s edge. It’s so romantic, it’s so Puerto Vallarta my friends!

Today we will be talking with two great guests, listeners Reggie and Donna Belew from Tennessee, but before we get to them let’s see what’s happening in Puerto Vallarta this week, the 26th of September, 2017.

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Last Tuesday morning, as I was recording the last episode of the podcast, Mexico was hit with its second major earthquake in twelve days. An earthquake with a magnitude estimated to be 7.1 hit approximately 55 km (34 mi) south of the city of Puebla. It caused major damage in the Mexican states of Puebla, Morelos and the Greater Mexico City area, including the collapse of more than forty buildings;  and although Mexico’s SASMEX earthquake warning system provided 20 seconds’ advance warning in Mexico City, 310 people have been reported killed, 273 of which in Mexico City and surrounding areas, and more than 4,600 were injured. Rescue missions are still underway as I speak. As I said, there had been an even larger earthquake 650 km (400 mi) away off the coast of the state of Chiapas twelve days earlier.


And although Puerto Vallarta didn’t feel either shake, these earthquakes are devastating for Mexico. Earthquakes happen so fast, and are notorious not only for the death and injuries and fear they strike in people, but also for making people homeless and jobless, destroying homes and businesses. Well, I’ve got to tell you, there are a lot of people in Mexico right now who need our help.

There are also quite a number of businesses and individuals in Puerto Vallarta who have teamed up to raise funds for earthquake relief. Manzon Brewery had a fundraiser, Incanto had one, They are having a show and silent auction at Act 2 on October 1st, so if you are in town, go check it out. Lots of great items being auctioned off as well as some great entertainment. I’ll even have an item in the silent auction, an opportunity to have your very own podcast episode dedicated to an individual or even a business in Puerto Vallarta, so if you are interested in having your very own episode, be the highest bidder. If you’re in town, You have to go to that as I said, if you are in town

And it’s so great to see the people of Vallarta stepping up for a great cause. And if you do choose to give to the Mexican Earthquake Relief effort, be careful who you donate to and who you donate through. Do your homework, and know that it’s not always the big name charities that do the best work for the lowest overhead, so talk to friends, check out these charities on the internet.





Now we all know that timing is everything, and  if you listened to last week’s podcast, I announced a very special project that I’ve got to tell you, got me and many of you really excited. It was the Tile Park project, the Parque de los Azulejos, in Lazaro Cardenes Park. The project is being done by the same person who did the tile wall on the Southside and in the Marina and elsewhere, Natasha Moraga. Well, last week, I announced to you that you could donate to her project, and I gave you instructions on how you could purchase commemorative tiles to be installed in Lazaro Cardenes Park, the money from those purchases, would go to help fund the project? Remember?  How can you forget? I even built a donate page on the Puerto Vallarta Travel Show website.

Okay so this earthquake hits, just as the project was going to begin their fundraising efforts, so timing is everything, as I said.

Natasha and her people were planning on quite a few fundraising events for their project, but they are also keenly aware of the great need for money to help rebuild and uplift so many effected by these terrible earthquakes. And as I just said, there are numerous events being planned for earthquake relief right here in Vallarta. So, Natasha asked me to let you know that many of the planned fundraising public events will probably wait till probably after the first of the year, just so efforts to help with earthquake relief can proceed in earnest.

And I understand her sentiments, but I just don’t want her project to get lost in the shuffle so to speak. Trying not to sound too insensitive here, I think we can think of giving to both the Tile Park project and to earthquake relief, so I’m going to keep pushing and promoting this project, El Parque de Los Azulejos. Listen folks, they are not self-funded and need the money from tile sales, personalized tile sales, to move this project forward.

They need to sell commemorative tiles to help fund this project so go to the show notes to last weeks podcast as well as this one, and check out this beautiful park, Lazaro Cardenes Park, all done in beautiful mosaic tiles.

Nat Moraga still has promised to sit with me for an interview soon, so will get that to you soon, and I’ll let you know when.

As for these nasty earthquakes, these terremotos as they are called in Spanish, these Tremblors, I can definitely relate to these poor folks, I was

born and raised in Los Angeles, and I have lived through several major earthquakes, the latest big one, the Northridge Quake’s epicenter was not more than a ¼ mile from my home in the San Fernando Valley, and that was a 6.8. I’m telling you what, the aftershocks are what keep you up. They can be pretty frightening.

Interestingly enough, Tuesday’s quake occurred on the 32nd anniversary of the 1985 Mexico City earthquake, which killed about 10,000 people, which was by the way, commemorated with a national earthquake drill at 11 a.m. local time, two hours before this earthquake struck. Kinda weird don’t you think?

I’m planning a meet and greet in Puerto Vallarta for Tuesday, October the 17th at JR’s meeting place,Kelly’s Pour Favor Saloon and Cookhouse. He doesn’t know this yet, but I’m going to bring my microphones with me again, and have you tell me about what you are doing in paradise. And if you are a business and you want to make a pitch to my audience, you are more than welcome. I just have to lock down my airfare and I will be there. Guess I better tell my wife. Hummm. Yeah that would be best. See you there.


Okay, let’s get to the show and our guests, Reggie and Donna.

I’ve got to say that my most popular podcast episodes are the ones with you listeners telling your stories and giving suggestions, so I’m pretty sure you are going to like my two guests. I love their accents, but hey, I’m from California and we have no accents, least that’s what I’ve been told.

Reggie gave me a good review on iTunes and after I mentioned him on one of my podcasts and read his review, he followed up with an email. And it went like this…

“My first visit to Puerto Vallarta was in May 1989. I was 20 years old. And I had only had two semesters of Spanish language classes in my then young lifetime.  A college buddy and myself drove over 2,000 miles (one way) from Florence Alabama to Puerto Vallarta. It took four days. And we only stayed a week. But oh my that changed my life.

In 1990 I studied at the University of Guadalajara. I was able to visit Puerto Vallarta three times that year. And I traveled around Jalisco including trips to Barra de Navidad, Ameca and Tequila that summer.”

He also writes that he met JR on his last trip down…

So I had to have Reggie on the show. His experiences, going to school in Guadalajara mirrored my own college Spanish experiences as well.

When I was going to San Diego State University in 1978, I was given the opportunity to take a 6 week course in Mexico City and get a semester’s college credit for Spanish, so naturally I took advantage of it. It was a wonderful experience. I was totally immersed in the language. We lived with Mexican families, we went to class every day at 9. The Americans learning Spanish upstairs, and the Mexicans learning English downstairs. Then at noon, we dispersed and wen our own ways. I, usually with a hot Latina, and her friend…and her brother..ugh.. from class downstairs, and do stuff get totally immersed in the culture and in the language.

By the time the 6 weeks were up, I was dreaming in Spanish, with English Subtitles.. No Lie!

So Reggie did the same thing, only his university had a deal with a place in Guadalajara. Got to say, those were the greatest times.

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Anyway, let’s get to Reggie and Donna and hear their stories…

Gill Givens Books Vallarta’s Funniest Man

JR’s Happy Hour Board


Restaurants They Liked

Things to See and Do

Don’t Forget

  • Take good walking shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Don’t be afraid to try to communicate.

Cool Places to Shop

So they had some great suggestions here. That idea of laminating a map and directions to your hotel or condo is absolutely brilliant. Also the free city tour is a great idea.

Splurge and treat yourself to a serenade. Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky. There were a couple more great ideas but I’ll leave those for you to find when you go to the shownotes for this episode of the Puerto Vallarta Travel Show.

Don’t forget to check out my webcam page, check out what the weather is like and what people are wearing in Puerto Vallarta in Real time. You

can even catch a sunset if you time things out right. Just go to my website and click on the webcam page and see what I’m talking about.

Also don’t forget my Malibu to PV Real Estate page where I have homes for sale in Puerto Vallarta, as well as homes north of the border in Malibu California, my neck of the woods. Check out the page. You will be glad you did.


Well, that should do it for this episode of the Puerto Vallarta Travel Show.

Next week stay tuned for more on the ground reports from Puerto Vallarta Mexico, with travel tips, great restaurant and excursion ideas and more.  Until then, remember, this is an interactive show where I depend on your questions and suggestions about all things Puerto Vallarta. If you think of something I should be talking about, please reach out to me by clicking on the Contact us tab and sending us your message.

Casa de Los Arcos is the Villa that Reggie and Donna Stayed


And remember, if you are considering booking any type of tour while you are in Puerto Vallarta, you must go to Vallartainfo.com, JR’s website and reserve your tour through him, right from his website. Remember the value for value proposition. His experience and on the ground knowledge of everything Puerto Vallarta in exchange for your making a purchase of a tour that you would do anyway, you’re just doing it through him as a way of saying thank you. It costs no more than if you were to use someone else so do it. Really. And when you do take one of these tours, email me about your experiences. Maybe you can come on-board and share with others what you liked or didn’t like about the tour. Again, contact me by clicking on the Contact us tab and sending off a message.

And once again, if you like this podcast, please take the time and subscribe and give me a good review on iTunes if you would. That way we can get the word out to more and more people about the magic of this place. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Remember I made it easy for you to do just that with each episode I create. But if you haven’t been to my website, you really need to have a look there.  I have the links to the places we talk about, interesting pictures and the more all right there in my blog-posts and show-notes for each episode of the show so check them out for sure if you haven’t already all-right? All right.

So, thanks to Reggie and Donna Belew, listeners extraordinaire,  I have pictures of  both of them and some of the places we talked about in the show notes of this episode, at www.puertovallartatravelshow.com.  And thanks to all of you for listening all the way through this episode of the Puerto Vallarta Travel Show. This is Barry Kessler signing off with a wish for you all to slow down, be kind and live the Vallarta lifestyle. Nos Vemos amigos!

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