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If you wish to seek an extension for an assignment, you will need to apply by email directly to your Unit Chair, as soon as you become aware that you will have difficulty in meeting the scheduled deadline but at least 3 days before the due date.

For applications submitted within 3 days prior to the assignment due date, a current draft of the assignment showing progress towards completion must be submitted with the extension application.

You should use the Assignment and Online Test Extension Application Form below.
Appropriate documentation should be submitted in support of your application, such as a medical certificate, police report etc.

A maximum of 14 days can be normally granted as an extension.

If extension is granted, the student must attach a copy of the approved form when submitting the assignment.
NOTE: The form below does not replace the Special Consideration process.

Conditions under which an extension will normally be approved include:

  • Medical To cover medical conditions of a serious nature, e.g. hospitalisation, serious injury or chronic illness. Note: Temporary minor ailments such as headaches, colds and minor gastric upsets are not serious medical conditions and are unlikely to be accepted. However, serious cases of these may be considered.
  • Compassionate e.g. death of close family member, significant family and relationship problems.
  • Hardship/Trauma e.g. sudden loss or gain of employment, severe disruption to domestic arrangements, victim of crime. Note: Misreading the timetable, exam anxiety or returning home will not be accepted as grounds for consideration.

 Assignment and Online Test Extension Application Form


Entering feedback and grades for Assignment submissions

These guides will help Unit Chairs, Lecturers, Marking Tutors, Markers and External Markers with grading and assessing Assignments in CloudDeakin (Tutors cannot access Assignment Folders - refer to Managing Enrolments to change a person's role from Tutor so they can enter feedback and grades).

Note  There are a number of different methods you can use to provide feedback to a student on their assignment - check with your Unit Chair to see which approach should be used. However you should NEVER use theD2L Grader App.

Tip  You can now leave feedback for students who have not made a submission to the Assignment Folder.

Save feedback as a DRAFT  

  1. Check all student submissions have generated an Originality Report (this should be done immediately after the due date has passed to allow enough time for resubmissions before the Assignment Folder closes - 5 calendar days after the due date).

  2. If a file submission does not meet the requirements for Feedback Studio (Turnitin) the icon in the image below will appear and you will not be able to view an Originality report and/or use GradeMark to leave feedback.

  3. If a student has made a submission with an incorrect file type or name they should be asked by the Unit Chair to re-submit before the end date has passed. You can use this sample message to explain to them what is required. Just copy and alter the text as needed.

  4. If you cannot identify why the submission has not accepted, please contact Health ADU Support  to investigate further.

Dear [Name of Student]

We've been checking through the online submissions for [INSERT UNIT CODE + ASSIGNMENT FOLDER NAME] and noticed that you have submitted an incorrect file type and/or file name which means we are not able to mark you assignment.

Could you please resubmit your assignment to the CloudDeakin Assignment Folder as soon as possible in the correct file type.

File requirements:

  • files MUST include a file extension of .pdf or .docx (but NOT .doc produced by older versions of MS Word).
  • files must NOT be scanned text, images, Excel, Portfolio items/
  • files MUST be less than 20mb in size.
  • file titles must NOT include special characters e.g: ,:;~/!@#$%^&*+|(){}[] etc...
  • file titles should NOT be too lengthy e.g: Try keeping the file title meaningful but under 30 characters
  • file titles SHOULD include in this order - your name, the assessment task (AT) number and unit code e.g:
  • if you are using a Mac, do NOT submit .pages file types.
  • if you are using a Mac, the file MUST be saved with the extension showing.

We will compare this to the first piece you submitted and if identical, a penalty will not be applied for lateness.

If you have any queries please contact us as soon as possible.

[Your Name]

  Leaving Feedback on Assignments  (4:59) 

  1. Click on the Leave feedback link to access the student's submission(s) and start your assessment - also see Using GradeMark and Using a Rubric below.

  2. Note  You can now also leave feedback for students where a file submission has not been made to an Assignment Folder.

  3. Ensure an overall score is entered.

  4. Enter comments into the general feedback field.

  5. Save as DRAFT.

  6. Important  If during the marking process you have accidentally clicked Publish for a student you will need to RETRACT the feedback and grades or notify your Unit Chair immediately.

  Using GradeMark  (6:23) 

Important  Please contact Health ADU Support  for assistance with using the new Feedback Studio (Turnitin).

Turnitin has now been upgraded to Feedback Studio. Originality checking and Grademark will generally operate the same as it did before, however the interface does look at little different. The main benefit is that you can see the Originality Report and Grademark at the same time and can toggle between the two overlays if needed.

There are also a few crucial changes that you will need to be aware of:

  • Important  Markers must now enter a '1' into the SCORE field when they have finished marking up a paper in Grademark. Otherwise feedback will NOT be available to students when published.

  • It is the responsibility of the Unit Chair to create a Quickmark set for the Assignment and share this with the markers. Once shared, the Quickmark Set is now unique to the individual marker. Changes are NOT dynamic and need to be discussed with the marking team.

  • Applicable to Group Assignments only - once feedback has been published, the marked-up paper will only be available to the group member who submitted the assignment. Markers will need to download the marked-up assignment from Grademark attach it as a file to the Assignment Feedback in CloudDeakin. Visit Returning the marked-up assignment to groups.

  Using a Rubric  (4:05) 

  1. Click on the title of the Rubric.

  2. A pop-up window will open which you can resize as needed.

  3. For each criteria, select the radio button for the level the student has reached.

  4. If a student has earned a score that is different to what can be selected - select the level 'lower' to that score and mark it 'up' by editing it to the right of the window. Additional comments can also be placed in this far right column for the criteria.

  5. Once all criteria have been marked a score will appear at the bottom of the Rubric window.

  6. Un-tick the box next to 'Transfer rubric feedback to general feedback for the assignment'.

  7. If you need to come back and finish marking at a later time click Save and close the pop-up window for the Rubric.

  8. If you have completed marking using the Rubric click Save & Record to transfer the mark to the Grade field in the Submission Feedback area for the student.

  9. The score will be transferred from the Rubric into the Grade field.

  10. Penalties for lateness etc can then be applied to the score in the Grade field. Make sure you note the reason in the feedback comments field.

  11. Enter any other feedback as required.

  12. Save feedback and grades as DRAFT.

  13. Important Stop marking if you detect any mistakes in the Rubric and advise the Unit Chair immediately. Mistakes in Rubrics are not easily rectified. However something may be able to done if marking has not progressed too far.

  1. Check with the Unit Chair first if they wish for you to apply late penalties.

  2. You can filter the Assignment Folder submissions to view only students who have submitted late:

  3.   Filter by Late submissions  (1:00) 

  4. Apply penalties for lateness by deducting points from the score in the Grade field (do not deduct points while marking up a rubric - leave this as a reflection of the true score achieved).

  5. Note the reason for the deduction in the Feedback comments field.

  6. Enter any other feedback as required.

  7. Save feedback and grades as DRAFT.

  8. You can also flag submissions for further follow up by you or the Unit Chair by returning to the Assignment Folder to view all students submissions. Just click on the flag icon to the left of the relevant student's submission file.

Accidentally published feedback and grades?

For how to 'retract' feedback for individual submissions as well as how to 'hide' the folder and Grade Item from all students, if a large number have been published refer to Retracting feedback and grades.

Unit Chairs should now:

Scrutinise Feedback and Grades     



It is NOT ADVISABLE to use the GraderApp at this stage of its development

The GraderApp sounds like a fantastic idea but it not designed for large cohorts such as ours. Among other important reasons, once graded off-line you cannot (upon re-upload) delay the release of feedback and grades using the Draft and Publish facility.

  • You cannot choose which submissions to download and mark - so, if you are using Marking Groups where particular submissions have been assigned to a particular marker the ability to select using this information is disregarded.
  • Likewise there is no ability to filter, sort or view by Group, Section or specific user once downloaded to your device.
  • When there is large number of students or submissions the system noticeably slows down.
  • Feedback Studio (Turnitin) integration is not available so you cannot see any of Originality Reports that have been generated or use GradeMark to mark online.
  • The current document 'mark-up' options are poor to non-existent - a marker really needs to be able to 'write' on the document (with a stylus for example) to leave meaningful feedback however this option is not available.
  • The Rubric view is poor - only allowing the briefest of information to be available whilst marking.
  • When you sync back to the Assignment Folder in your CloudDeakin site it automatically Publishes the feedback - there is no option to load feedback as a Draft.
  • When you sync back to the Assignment Folder in your CloudDeakin site it does not warn you if you are about to overwrite feedback that already exists for a student's submission.

If you have any questions please email us at Health ADU Support

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