Algebra 2 Assignment Ellipsis 7

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Ellipsis algebra

​This program is specifically designed for 7/8th grade and very advance 6th grade students.  This program covers the fundamental concepts of algebra, including exponents and radicals, linear equations and inequalities, ratio and proportion, factoring quadratics, completing the square and much more.  Most students who have completed a typical Pre-algebra course are ready for this course.

We offer a thorough exploration of topics and give a much greater depth both in mathematical content and in problem solving skills. In-depth topic discussion and many applications are part of the in-class learning. Students receive weekly assignments which may take them 1 hour to 2 hours per week. Topics discussed in this course will be similar to those found in Algebra I honors class at schools.

topics covered

Fall session
Order of operations with complex operations such as exponents, radical, fractions; distribution and factoring; expressions, and manipulation of expressions with variables; solving one variable linear equations; solving multiple variable linear equations; solving ratio, percent, conversion factor application problems; solving direct, inverse, joint proportion, rate problems; graphing lines- slope intercepts, comparing lines; solving and graphing linear inequalities. 

Spring session
Solving quadratic equations and its applications, special factorizations, graphing quadratics equations (parabolas and circles); solving quadratic inequalities; functions and its operations (including problem solving with functions), polynomial addition, subtraction and multiplication, introduction to sequences and series. 

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